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Table size mismatch in INTO/USING. Minimum is: number
Cause: The size of a table variable in an INTO/USING clause of a dynamic EXECUTE statement has been ARRAYLEN...EXECUTE'd while the other host variable has not and is not a table of dimension 1 or a plain non-table host variable. Example: 01 X PIC X(10) OCCURS 10. 01 Y PIC S9(4) COMP OCCURS 10. 01 Z PIC S9(4) COMP. ... EXEC SQL ARRAYLEN X (DIM) EXECUTE END-EXEC. ... EXEC SQL EXECUTE S1 USING :X, :Y END-EXEC. <-- error EXEC SQL EXECUTE S1 USING :X, :Z END-EXEC. <-- ok Please note that this error differs from 233 in that it is an ERROR not a WARNING.
Action: ARRAYLEN...EXECUTE all of the table variables in the INTO/USING clause or those host variables not ARRAYLEN...EXECUTEd need to be of dimension 1.